The 10 best companies starting in 2017

As funds to start-up companies in the UK continue to grow and the government has made a lot of efforts to support companies of all sizes, start-up companies and small business owners say they are “more happy and decisive” I will. As a full time job.

The report was sponsored by Startups Loans Company and created by He combines detailed research and analysis of emerging business and consumer trends, and ideas of leading companies such as Mintel and National Statistics Office.

The idea of ​​best business in 2017 is as follows.

1. Hair Care for Men

According to this report, men not only give a specific appearance, they are looking for products that can keep their hair in perfect condition.

The men’s hair care and hair care market is exponentially increasing as men use cosmetics, which is the female consumer realm. According to Mintel, in 2016 the men’s hair care market will grow by 11% over the next five years and will grow to £ 94 million by 2020.

2. Hygge

It is a concept of Denmark that transforms into cossines in general – it is pronounced as “Hoogu”. In the recent Pinterest search, the term “hygge” jumped 285%, Collins was one of “best words of 2016”, whereas Google searches for the term “hygge interior design” at the end of 2016 163% in the quarter of the dictionary.

3. Live together

A roommate called “Thousands of New Shared Lifestyle” refers to a shared living space that functions like a hotel, with a cleaner, free Wi-Fi, invoices, etc. Addition of work, gym and so on Service has been added. There is a movie theater, a library, a spa and a rooftop terrace.

The 4th Mezcal

Mezcal overturns tequila and tends to be one of the people’s most popular hints. According to International Wine & Spirits Research, spirit sales increased by 23% to $ 110 million last year

Most standard bottles cost between 30 pounds and 50 pounds and are usually twice the price of tequila so there is money available in this Mexican spirit.

5. Food waste

Too much to go
The WRAP program (Waste and Resource Action Plan) is wasting 50% of the world’s food and the UK has a loss of 15 million tons annually. According to Mintel there is a huge potential market exploited by ethical consumers. “Consumers often express green and ethical emotions, but consumers and consumers rarely turn to manufacturers, retailers, or brands.

In the UK, a new application to help the restaurant reduce waste is released and there are five Cardiff restaurants. An application called Too Good To Go can order cheap price leftovers in the restaurant of the capital city.

6. Sugar Fried Link
(From left to right) Surrounded by orange, cola, fruit mix drink, sugar cube
Consumers in the UK are beginning to look for sugar-free or low sugar substitutes. Sugar tax is scheduled to be paid in April 2018, according to Mintel ‘s survey, 32% of British people found to reduce the amount of sweet drinks consumed when prices rise.

Cardiff produces cardboard furniture
7. Brexit’s advice

British companies are still under EU law, but withdrawal from Britain’s EU (Brexit) can not be changed by companies, but it could lead to extensive legal changes to adapt.

With changes in taxes, import and export duties, labor laws, companies need to make substantial changes to the internal structure, systems and strategies advised and managed by consultants.

8. Children and nostalgia marketing
A vintage typewriter having a phrase “from long ago …”

We redesign the activities, toys, products we love as children for adults. Even brands, publishers, restaurants, even nightclubs have begun to realize the desire of the concept of adults, especially the millennium generation, reminiscent of childhood. Without responsibility and worry of the living of adults.

9. Japanese food

Itsu and Wasabi Sushi & Bento have offered Japanese cuisine to city travelers for many years, but 2017 brings a wider and more independent Japanese food choice to the main streets of the UK. Beyond that.

According to the Oriental Food Report, the number of Japanese food restaurants in the UK rose 67% from 2010 to 2015. It is in the form of the fastest growing Asian cuisine in the UK market.

10. Insurtech

The latest portant technology of Fintech (Finance), Edtech (Education), Proptech (Real Estate) is Insurtech, Insturtech is insurance as you imagine. One way is to utilize the spread of on-demand mobile services so that consumers can search, select and purchase insurance just by pushing buttons.

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