7 companies that started this year

Plan to make a new “village box” for Swansea built from thousands of shipping containers
Cardiff Tech Startup aiming to create 40 jobs with receiving a £ 400,000 loan from the Welsh Government
1. Embracing multiculturalism
Companies targeting multicultural consumers are needed more than ever, according to the report, Brexit holds agenda hold and intercultural tension. By creating a business that encompass ethnic diversity, you will keep inclusion and freedom of expression.

2. Alternative Strength

Today, one in eight people in the UK is using a fitness club. 52% receive lessons more than three times a week, 35% receive 1 to 2 lessons a week.

According to this report, fitness enthusiasts, fitness alternatives and alternative fitness trainers able to devise creative ways to move the UK will be a complete career move this year, the report said It was.

Real estate software company strengthened by Finance Wales Investment Koherent
3. African ingredients

African ingredients are reported to be famous for their health benefits, exotic appeal, positive impact on sustainable society of sustainable trade, and this year it is predicted that this year will be a warmer trend in the European market It has been.

Despite the amount of products already on the market, the increase in demand still leaves room for new companies using African foodstuffs to find their place.

4. Installation of charging point

According to the report, electric vehicles (EV) will dominate the automobile market over the next decade. Electric cars need charging, so you can expect charging points at home, at work, supermarkets, everywhere on the street corner of friends and family.

In addition, according to the survey of start-ups, inevitably the opportunity of peripheral business in the automobile market is born, in that case the troops can build a network of support charging stations.

5. Edtech 2.0
Although it was a wonderful year of edtech in 2016, a wider variety of educational content is on the market in 2017. Currently, about 16% of all applications are listed in the Education category of the App Store. This number is expected to increase in the coming years,

Cardiff-based Eiry Thomas has developed a series of bilingual interactive applications based on the adventure of The Flitlits / YSbridion, created to enhance reading comprehension among young people.

Protection from contamination

According to Mintel’s survey, 83% of Chinese citizens are face masks, 56% are air purifiers, 38% of new beauty products launched in the Asia Pacific market are wearing face masks. Air cleaner. Forming contamination prevention claims – and there are signs that Britons are beginning to catch up.

7. Flavor tea

There are business opportunities such as tea subscription boxes, tea to help sleep, cocktails of tea etc. MarketWatch predicts that the world’s tea market will increase from 14.45 billion dollars in 2016 to 21.33 billion dollars in 2024, the British drinker shows a thirst for renewal, and the flavor blend It is unusual.

Editor-in-chief of Startups.co.uk Megan Dunsby urged future founder to think of this report as a business inspiration.

“Regardless of what you think about the current economic situation, now we start the project and what should we do in 2017?” Bear witnesses.

“17 business niches that take advantage of market research and the abundant industry expertise, covering a large number of rapidly growing industries, covering a wide range of business opportunities to unclear things,

“Whatever your budget, place, background, there is a business opportunity suitable for emerging entrepreneurs”

Tim Sawyer, CEO of Start-Up Loans, said about the report, which will be launched in 2017, “The trend in the start-up field can be a big indication of what thrives in the market.

“Startup focuses on existing opportunities and brings creativity to consumers: 2017, planned for raw materials to replace sugar-free, low sugar drinks and Denmark trends like Hygge We encourage you to see topics in various fields.

“A company that produces low carbohydrate coke, such as Dalston Cola made from Nitta’s Cola, may be a recipe for the successful demand of healthy substitutes instead of sugar drinks We are aware that we are responding to the demand that is overlooked by large retailers. “

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