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Having A Good Recording Experience

Posted by Rodney Harrison on
Having A Good Recording Experience

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If you’re working on a recording project, you’re aware of how frustrating and expensive the process can be. Whether you’re using a commercial recording studio or have recently built one in your home, you can appreciate the value of being prepared. Over time, artists doing recording work have found tips and tricks that are invaluable. To get a good recording, make sure your source is good. This means before you start, make sure everyone involved has tuned.

best-voice-tagsStep #1 – Use Live Sounds With a Unique Radio Voice

Whether it’s new strings or a vocal warm-up voice over, you cannot afford to skip this step. Continually save your work. Saving ymxing-while-djing-liveour between takes is essential. Especially compared to the cost in time and money to create dj drops with old vocals in somebody else studio for $30 a hour!!!. Keep back up/spare parts on hand. Keeping a small stock of strings, drum sticks and cables on hand is not a luxury. If something breaks or doesn’t work, having small items on hand can prove to be priceless. Make sure your music is prepared before you go into the studio. Whether it’s vocal or instrumental, everyone should do a run through before starting to record. Using new strings and heads.

Utilize Your Time More Effectively – During Each Mix

Every musician should have extras of these items with them. Time is money. Holding up a recording session while someone makes an emergency run to Guitar Center is expensive. Don’t play “beat the clock with name drops”. Working past the point of fatigue is not useful. Knowing when to quit can save you frustration and allow you to have a fresh start at another session. Be careful of what you commit to or promise. The best thing you can do is to under promise and over deliver. If you do that, delivering before a deadline or coming in with more than you promised will make you lookdj-drops like a hero. Quality trumps quantity every time. Delivering fewer high quality pieces is more important than delivering more poor quality work. Always be networking with commercial kings for custom dj drops

Professionally Mixed DJ Tags!

Whether in the studio or not, always be networking. Carry business cards with you at all times. Be patient. Doing this sometimes feels like it is taking forever to move forward, but the long term payoff is going to be in referrals and repeat business. Celebrate after, not before any recording session. You should always come to a recording session with a professional attitude. Being rested and ready to work on every one’s part will result in a more productive session. Lastly, the most important tip of all – nothing goes out the door until the check clears. Once your work product goes out the front door, it’s gone. You won’t be getting it back. Following these tips and tricks will make you more successful, when your making your own dj tags

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