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How to Sew In Kinky Curly Hair

Posted by Rodney Harrison on

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The fashion globe has change from straight to curly. Long thick curls, subtle curls, or deep weave are very fashionable hair styles. Anyway, when you do not have the body, length, and/or definition, it is forever perfect to get that required help. That’s where Kinky curl weaves come in, this weave set can provide you best length, full body and full new look. Be sure to login to your My Natural Hair Extensions Website.

How to sew in Kinky Curly Weave

If you have a curly sew in weave, or know someone’s who does, then you know it is vital to take care of the hair. When sleeping, we find it is top to pin the hair up in a bun above the head with a scrunchie. When you get up early in the morning, just shake it down and move your fingers through it. To help from the style, apply a spray bottle with a water and a pretty condition and spray all of the weave perfectly.

You can also wet the hair in the shower and apply a conditioner. Let the conditioner soak in for about 5 minutes. Then take a broad bristled comb and part of your hair into 4. Then perfectly comb from bottom to peak the primary section and through to the 4th section. 

After combing, clean out the conditioner from the wig. While the hair is still wet, apply the Shea Moisture, Hibiscus & Coconut Curling Gel Souffle and perfect coat the weave. After the strands are coated, perfectly comb it with a paddle brush from the bottom up. Apply Shea Moisture, Hibiscus & Coconut Frizz-Free Curl mouse and run it via all of weave. After, apply Shine Polish hair polisher, begin from the ends and job your way up. Then let your hair dry.

By utilizing this process, you will make sure the beauty and longevity of your hair weave. You should also try to sale because hair companies like KinkyCurlySolutions.com is  BETTER than most hair companies offering bundles deals with closures on black Friday deals.

Best Kinky curly weave

Kinky curly weave utilize a perfect and eco friendly processing techniques that make sure that weave remain healthy, soft, chemical free and natural. Most processing techniques involves the use of eco-friendly ingredients and slow coloring bath, to make sure the natural hair weave remains the standard after coloring. Best natural kinky curly do not contain silicone, or any other protective or shinning synthetics. So always select the best product for the sew in kinky curly weave. 


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