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Hair Weave – How to Keep Your Own Hair Weave

Posted by Rodney Harrison on

We have all been there. Its three o’clock on a Saturday day and you obtain an invitation to a sold-out concert that starts at seven thirty that evening. You’ve the best ensemble – the only issue: YOUR HAIR. It is too late to get a meeting with your stylist, so what is a woman to do? Do it yourself – it is simpler than you believe.
Perhaps you received a text with that man you’ve got a huge crush on, inquiring if you desire to satisfy him for a glass or two after that evening. Would not it be amazing if you could walk in rockin’ new hair extensions? You are able to simply do it your self.
A afro kinky curly weave is a non-invasive manner to alter your look, whether you’re altering color, texture, length or fullness. Nevertheless, it’s critical that you just take precautions to reduce the danger of harming your natural hair and scalp. It’s entirely possible to use the latest celeb fashions without the harmful effects of substances and extreme heat.
I was terrified the very first time I tried weave my own hair (but I located an outstanding step by step guide that I downloaded from the web). My first problem was how would I appear? Second, I needed to protect and develop my own hair while sporting the weave. While it was not ideal the first time, it ended up much better than I anticipated. The more I practiced, the better my outcome. Now my hair looks better than some of my buddies who pay an expert stylist hundreds of bucks. If can do it…you can also.
In addition to learning to design your hair on the fly, imagine how much cash you could save if you realized to service your own hair. At a cost of $20-$60 to tighten courses every few of months, you could really save a great deal  on coarse hair extensions.

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